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B2B Outbound Marketing

Reach Your Target Audience

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B2B Outbound Marketing

Why wait for the customer to find you when you can use B2B outbound marketing to proactively reach them? Contacting potential customers through channels such as email, social, advertising, and events is effective for generating leads and closing sales.

B2B outbound marketing can be especially useful for companies that have complex or expensive products or services that require more explanation and education than can be provided through inbound channels.

Outbound marketing allows companies to deliver targeted messaging to potential customers, helping to educate them on the benefits of their products or services and address any concerns or objections.

Ultimately, B2B outbound marketing is an essential tool for tech companies who want to generate leads and drive revenue growth.

B2B Outbound-Marketing
Social Outreach

Social Outreach

Social media outreach has become a core part of B2B outbound marketing. B2B Tech companies use social media to reach prospects and generate leads. Sizyl helps its customer by:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Choosing the right social platform(s)
  • Creating and sharing valuable content
  • Engaging with prospects about their needs
  • Nurturing prospect interest
  • Measuring what’s working and what isn’t

Engaging prospects on social media is often the best way to start a dialog.

B2B Email Marketing

Email is one of the most versatile and effective tools for B2B outbound marketing. Email is an essential tool for B2B outbound marketing for several reasons:

  • It’s a way to directly communicate with a prospect.
  • Sending emails can be hyper-targeted and personalized to the audience.
  • Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools for B2B outbound marketing.
  • It’s measurable! You know how many opens and clicks you got.

Sizyl can help you create email messages, campaigns, and triggers to ensure you get the most from your email marketing efforts.

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B2B Media Outreach

Media outreach is a core component of B2B outbound marketing for tech companies. Leveraging third-party media outlets can help you build credibility, reach a wider audience, generate leads, and boost your visibility and reputation.

Media outreach also positions your company as a thought leader and benefits SEO by building backlinks to your website. Backlinks raise the website’s authority and move you up in the rankings. 

Sizyl has existing connections with influencers and media and can leverage those relationships to help you reach a wider audience, generate leads, and position your company as a thought leader.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads can be one of the best ways to reach your target audience at the top of the funnel and gain visibility in their evaluation process.  You can target specific companies, roles, and interests. 

When used correctly, digital ads can be a highly cost-effective tool for outbound marketers. Digital ads are also measurable allowing you to track the performance and adapt strategies based on data-driven insights.

Overall, digital advertising provides B2B companies with increased visibility, targeted marketing, cost-effective strategies, measurable results, and retargeting opportunities.

Sizyl develops ads and demographic profiles, and sets up and manages ad programs for you. 

B2B Events

Events can be an important component of a B2B marketing plan for tech companies. They provide opportunities for face-to-face interactions, brand awareness, thought leadership, lead generation, and networking.

By incorporating events into an overall marketing strategy, tech companies can reach a wider audience, build relationships with potential customers, and ultimately drive more business.

Sizyl can help you develop an event strategy, handle all the planning, and logistics to ensure your events go off without a hitch.

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