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Fractional Marketing

B2B Tech's New Marketing Model

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Fractional marketing enables small b2b tech firms to work with experienced marketing professionals without the high costs associated with hiring them full-time.

Hiring a full-time marketing professional can be expensive. Fractional marketing allows b2b tech firms to access a wide array of marketing skills as they need and can afford them. It elevates the marketing capabilities of your organization on a budget that fits your business.

Fractional marketing offers flexibility, expertise, scalability, and affordability, making it a superior model for b2b tech marketing.

Affordable Fractional Marketing
Fractional Marketing Organization

Access to Expertise

Fractional marketing provides small b2b tech firms with access to a team of experts with a wide range of skills and knowledge in different areas of marketing. This ensures your business has access the right expertise to achieve today’s marketing goals.

When a small firm hires a marketer, the resource is either junior or has a very limited skill set.  Junior people need to be developed and don’t produce the quality of marketing you need. An experienced but limited resource can’t do everything you need.

Whether you need to simplify your messaging, develop a website, or do social or email lead generation, a fractional team can deploy the right expertise at the right time.


Small b2b tech companies may not consistently need marketing services throughout the year. Fractional marketing provides flexibility by allowing companies to engage marketing professionals only when they need their services.

Fractional marketing teams also enable b2b tech companies to draw on the skills needed to achieve current goals. There are countless marketing tools and tactics for promoting and generating b2b leads.  As you achieve today’s goal your priorities and needs will change.

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Customizable Fractional Marketing

Fractional Marketing is Customizable

At Sizyl, we like to develop a rolling quarterly plan with our customers; each quarter focuses on a specific goal. At the end of each month, we review and adapt the strategy. 

The model is highly flexible, and we’re willing to change on a dime if business needs suddenly change. We also don’t lock our customers into long-term contracts.

We focus on achieving your goals using our highly skilled resources at a budget that makes sense for your business. 

Fractional Marketing is Scalable

As your company grows, your marketing needs will grow and change. Fractional marketing is a scalable model that scales and adapts to your business. This ensures that you continue to have access to the right marketing expertise at every stage of your growth.

Our scalable model is a win/win for your business and Sizyl, as we grow as our customers grow.

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